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Aida Chavarria

Operations Manager

We are delighted to welcome Aida Chavarria to the esteemed RE Development Team. With a career spanning two decades, Aida brings a wealth of strategic expertise in real estate management and accounting, elevating organizations to new heights with her unparalleled skills and vision.

Aida’s illustrious career is a testament to her profound understanding of real estate operations. Her strategic vision has consistently optimized efficiency and ensured seamless execution across complex management and accounting processes. From overseeing property portfolios to implementing financial strategies, Aida’s impact resonates throughout the entire spectrum of real estate operations. Her unique perspective, cultivated during her tenure as a civil litigation paralegal, has endowed her with a meticulous attention to detail and adeptness in navigating challenges.

Aida holds a Bachelor’s degree in Justice Studies from Northeastern Illinois University, laying the foundation for her expertise in justice principles. Furthermore, she has obtained a Paralegal Certification from Loyola University Chicago, affirming her legal proficiency. Her role as a Licensed Real Estate Broker underscores her comprehensive understanding of the industry, complemented by her CPM (Certified Property Manager) certification from the Institute of Real Estate Management.

Beyond her professional achievements, Aida is a dedicated wife and mother of two wonderful daughters. Actively supporting her children in activities such as gymnastics, dance, and theater, she embodies the essence of resilience and commitment in both her personal and professional endeavors.

In her current role with RE Development, Aida is poised to deepen her understanding of facilities and property operations, enriching her ability to drive strategic excellence in real estate development.

Aida Chavarria’s multifaceted journey, characterized by visionary leadership and unwavering dedication, perfectly aligns with the values that define RE Development. We warmly welcome her as a valuable asset to our team, confident in her ability to propel our operations to new heights with her strategic insights and unparalleled commitment.